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Kind Aid International

Kid Aid International was restructured, commencing in November 2002, with the aim of helping the most needy Kurdish, Iraqi and other people globally. Our primary objectives are to address issues in relation to the three interconnecting fields of education, health and welfare; through the provision of proactive solutions to human crises

Web: www.kindaid.org

Email: info@kindaid.org

Phone: 0044 (0)20-7298-3800

We are a Company, Limited By Guarantee [with no share capital] and at the same time a Charity, as properly reflected in our Memorandum & Articles of Association.

Our Trustees therefore, possess a diversity of professional skills and expertise. We consider ourselves fortunate to have on board individuals who excel within various, relevant Acts of English Statutory Law Accountancy, Business, Design, Child & Educational Psychology, Medicine and Gender studies. Those who are holistic practitioners hail from many disciplines; some are specialized in aspects of Natural Trauma Management and Conflict Resolution. An empathic construction engineer is ready to assess how best to preserve, that which we aim to provide Finally, those who make themselves available to us come from different, overlap areas, that will compliment each other’s professional skills and expertise, while forging teams that aim to assist the many who are in need, nationally and globally.

Our Current Aims are In UK
  • To encourage increased membership of individuals, companies and organizations that share our vision to assist those who are less fortunate, at grass roots level.
  • To establish a system of holistic health support, incorporating many and varied types of human maintenance; where on-going training will play a part in ensuring extended and continued ability to function [both ‘in house’ and through expansion].
  • To introduce as many self-help schemes as possible, so empowering the many who feel disassociated from mainstream society – for whatever reason.
  • To encourage increased membership of individuals, companies and organizations, that share our vision to assist those who are less fortunate, at grass roots level.
  • To expand sponsorship of orphaned, sick or vulnerable children [and adults].
  • To raise capital with which to purchase a property that will become home to some of those orphaned children.
  • To work with others, for the purpose of establishing a Hospital Twinning Scheme that will benefit all participating parties.


Salahuddin Trust,
1 Norfolk Pl,
Greater London
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General Info
  • Email: info@kindaid.org
  • Telephone: 0044 (0)20-7298-3800